And I’m even happier that it has happened to be around the best time of the year – Christmas of course! I am must admit that I love Christmas atmosphere and I so excited to get going on some Christmas projects. With this beautiful day being around the corner I would like to devote this post to Christmas decorations and especially Christmas wreath – which is my favourite part.

I totally understand that we can get so caught up with work, running errands so we tend to find the easy way out when it comes to Christmas decorations by buying everything that’s already available. That is absolutely fine, but we got to stop at some point and give ourselves some time to recover from life’s demands by doing the things we enjoy the most, and for that reason I always like to give myself sometime around Christmas to do what I like to do most, and that is DIYS, Ta-da!! There really is no better feeling than creating something you love from scratch and no better satisfaction than seeing your hard works result.
Making your own wreath is very simple and affordable which can be done within couple of hours only and trust me you’ll enjoy every minute of it. The only items needed are: wreath base, reel wire, some leaves and finally a dash of imagination!

And now coming to the best part; making it! That’s all you need to do :

  • Attach the reel wire and wrap it all around the wreath base until its completed
  • Gather the leaves together to make bunches and attach a reel wire at the end of each bunch to keep them in one piece
  • Place the bunch on the wreath then wrap a wire around both the bunch and the wreath to secure it in place
  • Place another bunch on the wreath and do the same thing as step 3. Keep adding the bunches in the same pattern until the whole ring is covered.
  • Once the base wreath is covered with bunches, fill in any gaps by placing individual leaves or different types of leaves (be creative) and make sure it is solid
Now isn’t that the best way to get into the festive spirit?!


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